About Me

I am a developer from sunny Rotherham in the UK and I work for one of the UKs largest kitchen manufacturers in Pontefract, I work on the web team building and managing ordering systems. I love to code and enjoy learning new technologies and languages.

I primarily develop web apps using PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS as well as other technologies and languages as and when needed. I use version control for all my work, currently I use SVN but am looking to move completely to GIT.

I have used many of the following languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, GO, Java and Objective-C. I am always keen to learn new languages, technologies and apply them in real world applications. I have also done Android and iOS development for tablets and mobile devices.

I work with numerous frameworks, both at work and freelancing for other companies, some of the frameworks I work with include: Symfony2, Silex, Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework and .NET.

Symfony is my main framework of choice at the moment and I have been working with it daily for almost 3 years, from the ground up on a very exciting project which has grown and changed so much since it’s start, working with the components of Symfony have been a great joy and have definitely increased productivity, I highly recommend Symfony2 combined with NGINX server, the performance has been fantastic to date.

I also have much experience with open source projects such as Drupal, which I spent 2.5 years working with daily for many agencies across the UK and Canada as a freelancer, WordPress, Magento and quite a few others too.

I am quite the Linux enthusiast and love working with the CLI, I’m by no means a hard core system admin but can handle myself just fine, I enjoy working with CentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora, though my production servers are mainly CentOS.

If you would like to hear more about me or my experience (or you have a project?), please do get in touch.